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Josiah Dwight Whitney

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Josiah Dwight Whitney’s Yosemite Book is the most spectacular record of the most celebrated scenic valley in the world. California’s first State Geologist, Whitney was one of the commissioners appointed to oversee the Yosemite Valley when it was set aside as a park in perpetuity by the government in 1864, as part of a Congressional Act that marked the beginning of the American system of national parks. Whitney also supervised much of the early scientific exploration of the Sierra Nevada, from 1860 until the Geological Survey was disbanded in 1874. Publication of the results of the Survey was erratic and fragmentary, but fortunately included The Yosemite Book, a splendid quarto gift book with twenty-eight mounted photographs by Carleton E. Watkins (1829-1916), a New York-born artist who was well-known for a series of enormous and stereoscopic images of the Yosemite Valley that he produced in 1861. The plates in The Yosemite Book are original albumen prints, which effectively limited the edition: only 250 copies were produced. Watkins’ original images of Yosemite were instrumental in convincing the U.S. Congress to preserve the Yosemite Valley as “inviolate.” They are not so much a documentary record of vanished splendor as a timeless response, the direct precursor of the work of an entire school of environmentalist photographers. The copy of The Yosemite Book presented in this Octavo Edition is from the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley.


-Commentary by Jim Snyder, Yosemite Park Historian
-Interactive maps linked to Watkins’ photographs
-Searchable transcription of the entire text
-Magnify up to 300%


-Digital images of every page of this rare book, cover to cover, in full color, presented as uncropped spreads
-Print and Thumbnails files for creating printed references
-PDF file on CD-ROM with all of Adobe Reader’s viewing, navigation, and search features
-Octavo Digital Guide and Help files


- Adobe Reader 5.0 or later 
- Windows PC with Pentium processor running Windows 95 or later
- Macintosh Power Mac running OS 9.2, or OS X 10.1 or later. Linux 2.2 kernel on X86 computer
- Color Monitor (15" or larger, capable of displaying millions of colors recommended)
- CD-ROM drive

The original book imaged for this digital edition: 12 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches (318 x 267 mm)
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